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Individual decision-making, welfare measurement and policy evaluation in the health sector; a microeconomic approach

Project Member(s): Hall, J., Viney, R., Savage, E.

Funding or Partner Organisation: National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC Program Grants)

Start year: 2003

Summary: This proposed program of research will contribute to the development of economics and health economics internationally. It provides an exciting opportunity to bring together scholars across economics at the forefront of the discipline internationally and who are researchers with extensive experience in the practical application of research results in shaping policy directions. The approach will fill the repeatedly identified gap in policy relevant health services research at the system level in Australia. The immediate outcomes of the research program will be information on specific health policy issues, in terms of the drivers of cost and utilization, access and equity.


King, M, Viney, RC, Smith, DP, Hossain, I, Street, D, Savage, EJ, Fowler, S, Berry, MP, Stockler, MR, Cozzi, P, Stricker, PD, Ward, J & Armstrong, B 2012, 'Survival gains needed to offset persistent adverse treatment effects in localised prostate cancer', British Journal Of Cancer, vol. 106, no. 4, pp. 638-645.
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Louviere, JJ & Fiebig, DG 2010, 'Benefit assessment for cost-benefit analysis studies in health care using discrete choice experiments: Estimating welfare in a health care setting' in McIntosh, E, Clarke, PM, Frew, EJ & Louviere, JJ (eds), Applied Methods of Cost-Benefit Analysis in Health Care, Oxford University Press, New York, pp. 211-229.

Fiebig, DG, Haas, MR, Hossain, I, Street, D & Viney, RC 2009, 'Decisions about Pap tests: What influences women and providers?', Social Science & Medicine, vol. 68, no. 10, pp. 1766-1774.
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Doiron, D, Jones, G & Savage, EJ 2008, 'Healthy, wealthy and insured? The role of self-assessed health in the demand for private health insurance', Health Economics, vol. 17, no. 3, pp. 317-334.
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Keywords: Health policy evaluation; Health policy economic outcomes; Microeconomic analysis of behaviour; microeconometrics; Combining revealed preference and stated preference data; Discrete choice modelling; Policy evaluation using explicit social welfare functions

FOR Codes: Studies in Human Society not elsewhere classified, Fisheries Sciences not elsewhere classified, Political Science not elsewhere classified, Fisheries-commercial, International trade issues not elsewhere classified, International relations not elsewhere classified, Applied Economics, International Trade not elsewhere classified, Wild Caught Crustaceans (excl. Rock Lobster and Prawns), Defence and Security Policy