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Reproductive Fitness of the Male Mosquitofish, Gambusia hobrooki, Exposed to the Reproductive Endocrine Disruption (RED) Hormone, Estradiol

Project Member(s): Lim, R.

Start year: 2002

Summary: Reproductive endocrine disrupting compounds (REDs) such as mammalian hormones, pesticides, dioxins and certain metals, in sewage effluent, have been linked to disrupting reproductive activity in wildlife. These include feminisation of male fish, masculinization of female snails with the growth of penises, and egg shell thinning in birds. Although rivers are the repository of sewage effluent, little is known of their impacts on the aquatic biota in Australia. This project proposal will determine the ecological implications (as measured by repoductive fitness) of modifications in the morphology and sexual behaviour of the male mosquitofish exposed to REDs. The findings will provide evidence of the relationship of measured morphological and behavioural modifications with that of repoductive impairment.