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Development of an improved method for the In Vitro transduction of primary hepatocytes

Project Member(s): Ren, B., Simpson, A.

Start year: 2002

Summary: One of the strategies being considered to cure Type 1 diabetes mellitus is gene therapy. In effect we are trying to created an artificial beta cell that on the insertion of the insulin gene can synthesise, store and secrete insulin to physiological stimuli. The target cell in this proposal are primary liver cells. Preliminary data has shown that it is possible to engineer a liver cell to secrete insulin to a glucose stimulus. This reseach proposal aims to develop a model for maintaining liver cells in culture for an extended period of time, so we can study whether insulin experssion ins stale and whether the normal functioning of hepatocytes is adversely affected by the introduction of the insulin gene.

FOR Codes: Animal Physiology-Biophysics, Cardiovascular system and diseases, Animal Physiology - Biophysics