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Electroencephalography and Personality: Using Advance[d] Mathematical Modelling Techniques

Project Member(s): Nicholson, G.

Start year: 2002

Summary: The assumption that personality style is related to the activity in the brain has been suggested from as early as 1936. However, these associations have often been found to be equivocal and the conflicting results could be partly due to differences in subject population, experimental situations and techniques. This study will apply sophisticated mathematical modelling techniques such as independent component analysis and neural networks to profile personality types with the corresponding electrical activity of the brain. The results in this study will aid in the understanding of the functions of the brain and its relationship with personality and allow a better understanding on personality development. In adddition, this study has great potential and implications for other areas such as human resources where personality profiling plays a major role in the selection of job applicants.

FOR Codes: Personality, Abilities and Assessment, Learning, Memory, Cognition and Language, Statistics not elsewhere classified, Behaviour and health, Technological and organisational innovation, Educational Psychology, Personality, Abilities and Assessment, Biostatistics