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A Conceptual Framework and Approach to Modelling Consumer Decision States

Project Member(s): Waller, D.

Start year: 2002

Summary: Individual decisions and choices drive aggregate market outcomes like demand, market shares, revenues etc. Consumer choices are outcomes of hierarchical, linked series of states such as awareness that products exist, interest in what products offer, capability of acting on interest, whether to purchase/choose, and if purchasing, when and how much. We build on previous research to develop a conceptual framework for understanding these decision states and an approach to modelling them. We seek funding to support refinement of the conceptual framework, collection of data to assess the feasibility of the approach, development of appropriate modela and assistance with data analysis and model estimation. The conceptual research and empirical results will be used to prepare a paper for a leading academic journal and support an ARC large grant application.

FOR Codes: Marketing and Market Research, Marketing, Microeconomic issues not elsewhere classified