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Pricing Interest Rate Exotic Derivatives in a Multi-Factor Framework

Funding: 2001: $30,900
2002: $25,500
2003: $25,500

Project Member(s): El-Hassan, N.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Large Grant)

Start year: 2001

Summary: This project will address the problem of pricing and hedging new types of interest rate financial securities (so-called exotic options) under very general specifications for interest rate volatility structures and multiple sources of interest rate risk. The project will develop new mathematical representations of the pricing equations that allow the development or efficient pricing algorithms. The project will then go on to calibrate the developed pricing models to market data and perform historical simulations to determine their pricing and hedging effectiveness in real market conditions.


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FOR Codes: Finance, Numerical Analysis, Finance and investment services, Computer software and services not elsewhere classified, Numerical analysis