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Experimental designs used in choice modelling

Funding: 1999: $57,000
2000: $58,000
2001: $58,000

Project Member(s): Street, D.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Large Grant)

Start year: 1999

Summary: Choice experiments are used in various areas, including resource economics, transport and marketing to determine the values consumers attach to various attributes of products. The statistical properties of designs commonly used in choice experiments are not well-understood, sometimes resulting in inefficient choice experiments. In this project we will investigate the properties of hte current choice modelling techniques. We will find designs that allow us to make the most efficient use of the subjects that we have and we will consider the best way to design choice experiments to allow for a variety of feasible behavioural responses from these subjects.

Keywords: choice modelling; experimental design; stated preference experiments; optimal designs