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Microstructured Optical Fibres: Modelling and Applications

Project Member(s): Botten, L., Langtry, T.

Start year: 2001

Summary: While optical fibres lie at the heart of modern technology and have revolutionised telecommunications, their performance is limited by the relatively simple design of conventional fibres. Microstructured optical fibres (MOFs), developed recently, show great promise in overcoming such limitations by enabling single mode propagation over a wide wavelenth band, significantly improved control over dispersion, and, for the first time, the possibility of guiding light in air via a photonic crystal cladding. This project proposes the development of a rigorous theoretical model of MOFs and advanced computational tools in the study of key properties that will be of future technological significance.

Keywords: optical fibres; Photonics: Band gaps; Photonic crystals; Multipole methods; Holey fibres

FOR Codes: Optics and Opto-electronic Physics, Optical and Photonic Systems, Telecommunications, Physical sciences, Expanding Knowledge in the Physical Sciences