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Forensic Analysis and Interpretation of Gunshot Residues Using a Novel Combination of Elemental Mapping and Molecular Profiling

Project Member(s): Roux, C., Phillips, M.

Start year: 2001

Summary: Outstanding problems in forensic science regularly occur with the interpretation of gunshot residues. In addition, the availability of new types of ammunition challenges well established techniques and constitutes a real threat for forensic science. Very little work has been done in the field internationally, and very few data are available for the Australian context. This situation is unacceptable because it has the potential to lead to miscarriages of justice. This project aims to address the situation by developing a novel forensic protocol using elemental mapping and molecular profiling in sequence. It will bring invaluable knowledge on gunshot residues with direct applications in the courtroom, foster the existing links with Industry, enhance UTS's research profile, and create new funding opportunities.

Keywords: Forensic Sciences; Gunshot Residues; Interpretation of Forensic Evidence; Scanning electron microscopy; Liquid Chromatography; Tandem Mass Spectometry

FOR Codes: Law enforcement