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Development of a removable adhesive heart patch

Project Member(s): Stuart, B., Thomas, P.

Start year: 2001

Summary: Temporary cardiac pacing wires are sutured post-operatively to a patient's heart following heart surgery in order to ensure cardiac rhythm. Removal of these pacing wires can cause severe trauma to the patient and sometimes results in death. The project's aim is to design a cellulose-based adhesive heart patch that does not require sutures and hence proves less traumatic for the patient on removal. The new heart patch will be based on a biocompatible acrylic adhesive copolylmer filled with a biocompatible rheology modifier; ticalcium phosphate. An aminated cellulose surface suitable for bonding to the adhesive system will also be developed.

Keywords: biomaterials; cellulose; acrylic; tricalcium phosphate; cardiac pacing; adhesive

FOR Codes: Characterisation of Macromolecules, Physical Chemistry of Macromolecules, Biomaterials, Cardiovascular system and diseases, Physical Chemistry of Materials, Chemical Characterisation of Materials