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Petrol Profiling: Development of Novel Identification Technique for Arson Samples

Project Member(s): Roux, C., Doble, P.

Start year: 2002

Summary: Arson is one of the most difficult criminal offences to establish because of lack of objective evidence. Petroleum products, particularly petrol, are frequently used to initiate and accelerate fires during arson and other criminal activity. However, it is currently not possible to demonstrate with the same degree of certainty that the petroleum product , or its residue, found at the fire scene came from the liquid sample obtained from the suspect. This project will develop such methods; the results from this research will have direct application in arson investigations which will be a significant benefit to the wider community. The use of Artificial Neural Network will bring scientific foundation to support a new development in forensic science and the interpretation given by the forensic experts when dealing with accelerant detection.

Keywords: Forensic sciences; Fire investigation; Fires analysis; Arson

FOR Codes: Analytical Chemistry not elsewhere classified, Other Instrumental Methods, Law, Justice and Law Enforcement not elsewhere classified, Law enforcement, Justice and the law not elsewhere classified, Chemical sciences, Expanding Knowledge in the Chemical Sciences, Instrumental Methods (excl. Immunological and Bioassay Methods), Nga Tikanga Maori (Maori Customary Law)