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Intelligent QoS Path Discovery Mechanism for the Internet

Project Member(s): Hoang, D.

Start year: 2002

Summary: Currently the Internet only provides best effort service without guaranteeing the timelines of actual delivery of data. Quality of Service (QoS) architectures have been proposed but not deployed due to a fundamental problem: either the architecture is not scaleable or it does not guarantee end-to-end QoS. Our project aims to provide a mechanism for eliminating this critical problem, thereby allowing scalability and end-to-end QoS to coexist. The project tackles the problem by introducing a protocol for network path discovery in the network core. The solution allows an integration of both scalability and end-to-end QoS architectures. The outcomes allow network providers to provision network resources efficiently, to develop competitive, quality services such as high quality IP phone, multimedia distributions.

Keywords: Differentiated Services; QoS Path Discovery; Intelligent QoS; Feedback Control; Programmable Internet; QoS Protocol

FOR Codes: Computer Communications Networks, Computer Software not elsewhere classified, Application packages, Telecommunications, Bioinformatics Software