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The investigation of the formation process of carbon nanotubes by ball milling

Project Member(s): Reedy, B.

Start year: 2002

Summary: Nanotubes are a recently discovered ordered form of carbon which may revolutionise the electronics and materials industries. However their process of manufacture is expensive and time consuming. As recently as 1999, it has been observed that the simple annealing of disordered graphite, which was previously ball milled, could form small amounts of carbon nanotubes. If this discovery can be exploited, so that large amounts of carbon nanotubes can be made cheaply, then opportunities exist for rapidly deploying this technology. Experiements to achieve this goal are planned here.

Keywords: Ball milling; Annealing; Graphite; Nanotubes; Fullerenes; Spectroscopy

FOR Codes: Nanotechnology, Solid State Chemistry, Other, Industrial Chemicals and Related Products not elsewhere classified, Construction Materials Performance and Processes not elsewhere classified