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Forensic analysis of trace evidence and fingerprint detection for using chemical imaging

Project Member(s): Roux, C., Reedy, B.

Start year: 2002

Summary: A smarter and more innovative use of science to fight crime constitutes a worldwide trend. New technology is being sought for more rapid examination and interpretation of this type of evidence. This project aims to address the situation by developing a novel protocol for the forensic examination of fibres, paints, adhesive tape and fingerprints using chemical imaging. This new technology combines molecular spectoscropy and digital imaging to provide molecular images that detail material morphology, composition, structure and concentration. Apart from the addition of a superior new technology to the pool of forensic techniques, this project will foster the existing links with industry by contributing to the current national R&D agenda investigated by the National Institute of Forensic Science, enhance UTS's research profile, and has the potential to make Australia the world leader in forensic innovations.

Keywords: Forensic Science; Trace evidence; Fingerprints; Chemical imaging; Forensic examination of fibres. Forensic examination of paints

FOR Codes: Other Instrumental Methods, Analytical Chemistry not elsewhere classified, Law enforcement, Instrumental Methods (excl. Immunological and Bioassay Methods)