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Iterative engineering of the human insulin-producing liver cell-line - Huh7ins

Project Member(s): Simpson, A., Ren, B.

Start year: 2002

Summary: Our group has successfully engineered a liver cell line - Huh7ins, to store and secrete insuliin to glucose. Huh7ins cells have many of the features of a pancreatic beta cell and when transplanted normalize blood glucose levels. However, secretion of insulin commences at sub-physiological levels (2.5 mM) as compared to 4.8 mM for a normal beta call. Before these cells can be used clinically, further molecular engineering strategies need to be implemented to correct this problem. FInally, an appropriate encapsulation system needs to be developed to ensure the cells are not rejected when transplanted.

Keywords: Insulin-secreting liver cells; Gene therapy; Diabetes; Glucose metabolism; Transplantation; Glucose metabolism

FOR Codes: Animal Physiology-Biophysics, Endocrine organs and diseases (incl. diabetes), Diabetes, Animal Physiology - Biophysics