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Neo-liberalism globalism and its challengers: a comparative study of Canada, Australia, Mexico and Norway

Project Member(s): Goodman, J.

Start year: 2002

Summary: Ideologies of neoliberal globalism came to prominence in the 1980's and have dramatically transformed state policy. What has been the impact on political, economic, ecological and socio-cultural sustainability? What opposition is there, and are there any emerging alternatives? This project is part of a five-year investigation by twenty academics from four countries. The Australian experience is compared with Canada, Mexico and Norway - countries that occupy a similar semi-peripheral status in the global political economy. Such a comparison has not been attempted before, and the project thus offers highly innovative insights of direct relevance to Australia.

Keywords: sustainability; semi-peripherality; globalisation; comparative studies; neo-liberalism; political economy

FOR Codes: Comparative Government and Politics, Social Change, Political Economy, Economic issues not elsewhere classified, Environmental policy, legislation and standards not elsewhere classified, Understanding other countries, International Relations not elsewhere classified, Public Economics- Public Choice