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Characteristics of oxygen adsorption on tin oxide-based gas sensing materials

Project Member(s): Reedy, B.

Start year: 2001

Summary: Tin oxide gas sensors are small and inexpensive, but very sensitive, electronic devices used to monitor gas levels in alarm devices and other simple applications. Their main disadvantages are their inability to discriminate between different gases, and their non-linear response to analyte gases. The aim of this research is to expand the potential of these sensors, taking them from devices that can semi-quantitatively measure the concentratinons of all the components of a gas mixture. This will be achieved by collecting characteristic data for the interaction of the relevant gases with these sensors. This will complete on-going work that has seen the first successful modelling of the response of these sensors. This data can also be used to make improvements upon existing sensor designs.

FOR Codes: Sensor (Chemical and Bio-) Technology, Colloid and Surface Chemistry, Chemical Spectroscopy, Scientific instrumentation, Industrial instrumentation, Industrial Instruments, Structural Chemistry and Spectroscopy, Scientific Instruments, Sensor Technology (Chemical aspects)