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A study of the impact of requirement volatility on the software development process and product

Project Member(s): Zowghi, D.

Start year: 2001

Summary: No matter how well the requirements for a computer based system are elicited and defined initially, requirements will change during the development lifecycle. The objective of the proposed research is to characterise empirically the impact of changing requirements ('requirements volatility') on project cost, schedule, developer productivity and software development lifecycle. Evaluating the impact of 'requirements volatility' on project cost, schedule, developer productivity and software quality are among the key issues under investigation. The overall aim of this study is to construct a model of requirements volatility that will assist developers in the reduction of effort and schedule variability in practice and will be a basis for recommending how to improve requirements engineering practices. This model could also be used by practitioners in benchmarking software development processes.

FOR Codes: Software Engineering, Information Systems Development Methodologies, Computer software and services not elsewhere classified