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Use of NMR as a petrophysical tool

Funding: 1998: $20,756
1999: $20,756
2000: $20,756

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC SPIRT (Strategic Partnerships with Industry Re)

Start year: 1998

Summary: There is a need to develop expertise in interpretation of NMR petrophysical data in the scientific support industry for the petroleum exploration sector. Wireline NMR logs at the petroleum well drill site are now being used in exploration and may replace conventional laboratory (non NMR) measurements. However, the wireline log method has a number of pitfalls which could lead to disastrous interpretation of data. The UTS group has been developing theoretical interpretation skills in this area but needs to collaborate with a company with core analysis expertise and real client samples to put these skills to practical use. This research will lead to appropriate NMR laboratory backup services to reduce the possibility or error in decision making during commercial drilling.


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FOR Codes: CHEMICAL SCIENCES, Organic Geochemistry n.e.c, Inorganic Geochemistry n.e.c, EARTH SCIENCES, EXPLORATION, Industrial Chemistry