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Stock differentiation and reproduction of freshwater eels in NSW

Funding: 1999: $20,756
2000: $20,756
2001: $20,756

Funding or Partner Organisation: Fisheries Research and Development Corporation RDC (Fisheries Research and Development Corporation - Annual Open Call Funding Round)
Australian Research Council (ARC SPIRT (Strategic Partnerships with Industry Re)

Start year: 1999

Summary: Freshwater eels are widely distributed in eastern Australia, and support a small but profitable industry. However, little is known of age and reproduction, and stock differentiation. This APA)I) PhD project will compare the genetics of eel populations in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria to determine teh stock boundaries, as well as comparing age of newly-recruiting eel juveniles. Reproductive cycles will be investigated across their geographic range. The study will be in conjunction with FRDC-funded research by NSW fisheries Research Institute, and allow for more effective management of the pootentially-important export.

Keywords: Stock differentiation; eels; reproduction; life history

FOR Codes: Ocean, Biological sciences, Aquaculture, Marine Ecology, Freshwater Ecology (excl. Limnology), Limnology