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Mind Switch hands free technology: a better life for the disabled

Funding: 1999: $83,000
2000: $75,000
2001: $74,000

Project Member(s): Nguyen, H.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC SPIRT (Strategic Partnerships with Industry Re)
Motor Accident Authority (Motor Accident Authority Partner Funds)
Technical Solutions Australia (Technical Solutions Australia Partner Funds)
Sunbuster Sportswear Pty Ltd (Sunbuster Partner Funds)

Start year: 1999

Summary: This project intends to research and develop technology which will result in the severely physically disabled having more control over electrical devices in their home or work setting. It involves them consciously controlling electrical devices with their brain signals. A hands free unit that allows a person to rapidly and remotely control up to 6 electrical devices has been developed by scientists within UTS. However, this prototype in its present form could not be commercialised as it needs substantial development. A collaboration of three companies and science staff in UTS will concentrate on developing a sophisticated hands free control unit that is contained in a user friendly cap, and which can filter out noise from external or internal sources.


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Craig, A, Tran, Y, McIsaac, P, Moses, P, Kirkup, L & Searle, A 2000, 'The effectiveness of activating electrical devices using alpha wave synchronisation contingent with eye closure', APPLIED ERGONOMICS, vol. 31, no. 4, pp. 377-382.
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Keywords: electronencephalography (EEG); disability; mind swithc; remote control; signal processing

FOR Codes: Medical and health sciences, Rehabilitation and Therapy: Occupational and Phys, Applied sciences and technologies, Electronics Engineering, Neurosciences n.e.c.