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Condition, survival and recruitment of reef fishes

Funding: 1999: $80,000
2000: $80,000
2001: $85,000

Project Member(s): Booth, D.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Large Grant)

Start year: 1999

Summary: Marine fish stocks are in decline worldwide, but there is no clear consensus regarding their population regulation. The supply of larvae onto reefs is currently regarded as a crucial life-history stage in the success of fish populations. This study will focus on variation in condition of newly-recruiting larvae, how condition influences survival and risk of predation, and its influence on recruitment of reef fish populations. A major outcome will be improved ability to assess and manage reef fishes for sustainable harvesting, based on a model that incorporates both quality (condition) and quantity of recruits.


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FOR Codes: Marine ecosystems, Physiology, Climate and atmosphere, Marine Fisheries, Marine Ecology, Biological sciences