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Multilayer ultra-thin films for use as mirrors for hard X-rays

Funding: 1999: $45,000
2000: $47,000
2001: $45,000

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Large Grant)

Start year: 1999

Summary: This project seeks to develop a mirror for high energy x-rays. These mirrors will be fabricated as ultra-thin multilayers using alternate high and low atomic number elements with well defined, low roughness interfaces. A much needed systematic investigation into the interfacial structure of mulitlayers will be carried out to identify and optimise the fabrication. Many commercial benefits will be derived from the realisation of a high energy mirror in areas such as integrated circuit manaufacture and x-ray astronomy. Our primary research will be extended to produce a mirror for greatly improving the performance of x-ray instrumentation used in materials research.

FOR Codes: Applied sciences and technologies, Material Sciences and Technologies n.e.c.