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Development of a prototype implantable axial flow pump for heart assistance

Project Member(s): Nguyen, H.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Collaborative Research Grant)

Start year: 1997

Summary: Congestive heart failure leads to approximately 572,000 deaths p.a. in USA alone. The supply of donor organs is limited so onlly about 2400 p.a. heart transplants are completed there. But often replacement of the left ventricle only would be sufficient. Such a device would save at least 70,000 otherwise healthy people wide. A prototype implantable miniature rotary blood pump will be developed, capable of operating for up to 5 years, and which is quiet, of low cost, and controlled to adapt to body activity. Research will cover optimium pump, motor and control system design suitable for human implantation.

FOR Codes: HEALTH AND SUPPORT SERVICES, Classical Mechanics, Fluids, Optics, Electromagnet, Optimisation, Control Theory, GENERAL ENGINEERING, MEDICAL AND HEALTH SCIENCES, Biomedical Engineering