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A support environment for network consciousness in mobile computing

Funding: 1997: $95,000
1998: $65,000

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Collaborative Research Grant)

Start year: 1997

Summary: Nomadic computing services have huge potential as it will facilitate more flexible working arrangements and overcome limitations imposed by geographical location. Today's wireless infrastructure, however, offers highly variable levels of service. Furthermore, the mobile computing devices have limited and variable resources. Therefore, to reap the full benefits of nomadic computing, mobile software systems need to be "network conscious", and adapt to the operating environment, and provide uniform services to the usrs. This project will develop the techniques needed to develop adaptable systems. These techniques will enable Australian designers to develop superior products for the emerging, vast mobile computing markets.

FOR Codes: Clinical Chemistry, Energy minerals n.e.c., Communication Technologies n.e.c., Oil shale and tar sands, MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGY, IMMUNOLOGY