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The mucosal immune system of fish: analysis of the immune repertoire in gut-and gill-associated lymphoid tissues in trout.

Funding: 2002: $22,545
2003: $22,545
2004: $22,545

Project Member(s): Raison, R.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Linkage Projects)
Novartis Aqua Health

Start year: 2002

Summary: Infectious disease causes major economic loss to the aquaculture industry, highlighting the need for effective vaccination strategies. While oral or immersion vaccination represents the most cost effective means of protecting fish against infectious disease there are problems associated with inducing an effective immune response in fish that will assist our industry partner (Novartis Animal Vaccines Ltd) to develop improved fish vaccines. The project will provide postgraduate training in the area of fish immunology that is vital to the developing Australian aquaculture industry.

Keywords: Fish immune response Immunoglobulin genes Mucosal immune response Fish vaccine Antibody repertoire Aquaculture

FOR Codes: Genetic Immunology, Biological Sciences not elsewhere classified, Biological sciences, Aquaculture