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Development of a novel filtration hybrid system in wastewater treatment and reuse

Funding: 2002: $21,000
2003: $21,000

Project Member(s): Vigneswaran, S., Ngo, H.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Linkage International)

Start year: 2002

Summary: Water industries in Australia and Japan are aiming at developing compact wastewater treatment and reuse systems. This project will form the basis for a long-term study on coupling a new static floccuator/filter system being developed at UTS and a hanging sponge cubes bioreactor being developed at NUT. A properly designed physico-chemical biological hybrid system will be cost-effective in removing a wide range of pollutants with little maintenance. This study will establish a rational hybrid system through detailed bench and pilot-scale experimentation. It will make the optimum use of the complementary expertise and facilities at NUT and UTS


Chaudhary, DS, Vigneswaran, S, Ngo, HH, Shim, WG & Moon, H 2003, 'Biofilter in water and wastewater treatment', KOREAN JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, vol. 20, no. 6, pp. 1054-1065.
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Guo, W, Vigneswaran, S, Ngo, H, Shon, H & Shimohoki, S 1970, 'Improving the Performance of a Crossflow Microfiltration in Tertiary Wastewater Treatment and Reuse By Specific Pre-Treatment Processes', ASIAN WaterQual 2003, IWA Asia-Pacific Regional Conference, IWA-Regional Publication, Bangkok, Thailand, pp. 1-8.

Keywords: Filtration hybrid system Biological treatment Physico-chemical process Downflow hanging sponge reactor Floating medium filter Wastewater treatment and reuse

FOR Codes: Water and Sanitary Engineering, Chemical Engineering not elsewhere classified, Prevention and treatment of pollution, Waste management and recycling