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Antigenic analysis of the surface of Cyclospora cayetanensis oocysts

Funding: 2002: $86,844
2003: $82,047
2004: $82,047

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Linkage Projects)
BTF Pty Ltd

Start year: 2002

Summary: Infection with Cyclospora cayetanensis is an emerging disease that causes significant morbidity in human populations. Although prevalent in developing countries, recent outbreaks in the USA confirm it is now emerging into the developed world. The research described here will analyse and characterise the antigens on the surface of the oocyst of C. cayetanensis which will add significantly to our sparse knowledge on this important human parasite. We will also develop the first commercial antibodies and technologies which will rapidly and accurately detect the parasite in human patients and our drinking water supplies, thus securing a global market for Australian technology.

Keywords: Cyclospora oocysts protozoa Monocional antibody antigens Cryptosporidium

FOR Codes: Infectious Agents, Diagnostic Applications, Microbiology not elsewhere classified, Diagnostics, Disease distribution and transmission, Rural health, Human Diagnostics, Disease Distribution and Transmission (incl. Surveillance and Response), Agricultural Biotechnology Diagnostics (incl. Biosensors), Rural and remote area health