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Enhancing Learning through computer based technologies

Funding: 2001: $64,584
2002: $64,584
2003: $64,584

Project Member(s): Alexander, S.

Funding or Partner Organisation: NSW Department of Education and Training (NSW Department of Education and Training Partner Funds)
Australian Research Council (ARC SPIRT (Strategic Partnerships with Industry Re)

Start year: 2001

Summary: Integration of new technologies in learning programs is a prime imperative for schooling systems in the 21st century, but evidence of effective integration is disappointing. This project will provide rich new qualitative data about the form, impact, effectiveness and differential effects of computer based learning (cbl) across a range of NSW schools. The project's distinctive focus is on assessing the learning activities that make use of cbl. This information will be of importance in informing core concerns of the research and industry partners in relation to educational policy, administrative practices and pre-service, and in-service, teacher development.


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Keywords: Learning technologies; Technology integration; Equity in education; Computer based learning

FOR Codes: Educational Technology and Media, Education and training not elsewhere classified, Educational Technology and Computing