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Development of a fuel control system for small two-stroke engines

Funding: 2003: $23,033
2004: $23,033
2005: $23,033

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Linkage Projects)
Victa Lawncare Pty Ltd (Victa Lawncare Pty Ltd Partnership Funding)

Start year: 2003

Summary: The two-stroke engine is well known not only for its mechanical simplicity and power-to-weight advantages, but also for its high hydrocarbon emission caused by fuel short-circuiting. Driven by new regulations, developing new technologies for small two-stroke engines to meet pollutant emission standards has become urgent. This project aims to develop a fuel control system for reducing hydrocarbon and other emissions of a two-stroke engine designed and produced by Australia s leading lawnmower manufacturer. The knowledge and technology developed will be broadly applicable. By reducing engine pollutant emissions and improving fuel energy efficiency, this research addresses environmental and energy efficiency imperatives.

Keywords: Fuel injection Engine electronic control Two-stroke engines Engine emissions Small engines lawn mowers

FOR Codes: Control Engineering, Heat and Mass Transfer Operations, Expert Systems, Energy transformation, Conservation and efficiency, Automation and Control Engineering, Management of Gaseous Waste from Energy Activities (excl. Greenhouse Gases), Experimental methods in fluid flow, heat and mass transfer , Knowledge representation and reasoning, Control engineering, mechatronics and robotics