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Development of new-generation autoclaved cellulose fibre-cement composites using alumina-silica rich industrial waste

Funding: 2003: $71,000
2004: $30,000

Project Member(s): Thomas, P.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Linkage Projects)
CSR Gyprock Fibre Cement (CSR Gyprock Fibre Cement Partnership Funds)

Start year: 2003

Summary: Autoclaved cellulose fibre-cement (FC) composites are used for construction purposes globally. Alumina-silica rich industrial waste, such as fired clay bricks and tiles, are proven to be highly reactive under autoclaving conditions and are generated in abundance either during the production process or demolition of buildings worldwide. The project aims to utilise this renewable waste for the manufacture of improved FC products. The successful outcomes of the project could allow a new range of cost-effective building products which need less energy for their manufacture, to be realised for both developed and developing countries.

Keywords: fibre cement autoclaving industrial waste recycling cellulose clay products

FOR Codes: Composite Materials, Environmental Engineering not elsewhere classified, Ceramics, Cement and concrete materials, Recycling, Clay products, Waste Recycling Services, Composite and Hybrid Materials, Ceramics