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The Development of a Model for Confined Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) Stormwater Filtration/Infiltration Systems for Australian Conditions

Funding: 2004: $75,000
2005: $45,000
2006: $45,000

Project Member(s): Vigneswaran, S., Ngo, H.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Linkage Projects)
Hornsby Shire Council
Kiama Municipal Council
HydroCon (HydroCon Australasia Pty. Ltd.)
Weathertex Pty. Ltd.

Start year: 2004

Summary: There is an increasing strain on scarce Australian water supplies and this requires effective water cycle management and protection of water resources as a whole. The proposed research aims to develop a model for the effective management of stormwater runoff through the investigation of confined filtration and infiltration devices in four separate locations. These confined systems will minimise the impacts of pollutant concentrations on native soils and groundwater. A model will be developed to predict required native soil permeabilities and residence times for adequate tertiary treatment in a variety of Australian conditions for non-potable reuse of runoff and/or groundwater recharge

Keywords: Stormwater Pollution, Infiltration, Porous Pipes, Filtration, Groundwater Contamination, Pollutant Removal,

FOR Codes: Water Resources Engineering, Land and water management, Environmental Technologies, Water resources engineering , Environmentally sustainable engineering