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Application of Silver Coatings to medical Devices for Antimicrobial Properties using Electroless Deposition

Funding: 2002: $22,545
2003: $22,545
2004: $22,545

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Linkage Projects)

Start year: 2002

Summary: Silver compounds, eg. in topical creams, can be used to treat chronic infections. The results are mediocre, and there may be significant side effects. Metallic silver when coated on bandages or medical devices is gaining wider acceptance, but the dissolution rate muct be improved to minimise infection. In this project an electroless silver coating process will be developed, with bath chemistry and coating conditions optimised for an ideal dissolution rate. This project will lead to the development of improved medical devices that will have significant social and economic benefits for Australia.

FOR Codes: Biomaterials, Electrochemistry, Colloid and Surface Chemistry, Preventive medicine, Treatments (e.g. chemicals antibiotics), Human Pharmaceutical Treatments (e.g. Antibiotics), Electrochemistry , Biomaterials , Preventive medicine , Human pharmaceutical treatments