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Magmatic Evolution and Tectonic Setting of Bitter Ground Volcanics, NSW

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Institute of Nuclear Science & Engineering (AINSE 2004 Awards)

Start year: 2004

Summary: The proposed study is a contribution towards ongoing research into the geochemistry of pre-Late Permian igneous rocks of the Tamworth Belt, New England Fold Belt, NSW and their tectonic significance. Our previous studies (relevant publications 2-4) have focused on Early Permian and Middle Devonian rocks and have clarified the nature of mantle sources and magmatic evolution. We now seek support to investigate the trace element geochemistry of the Late Devonian Bitter Ground Volcanics in order to further constrain magmatic processes and mantle conditions in New England during the Palaeozoic and assess the tectonic significance of the rocks.

FOR Codes: Earth sciences, Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology, Expanding Knowledge in the Earth Sciences