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Mobile Robot Localisation and Mapping in Three-Dimensional Natural Environments

Project Member(s): Dissanayake, G., Ha, Q.

Start year: 2003

Summary: The aim of this project is to research estimation theoretic solutions to Simultaneous Localisation and Map Building (SLAM) for autonomous robots operating in three-dimensional environments. The ability to place a vehicle in an unknown environment in an unknown location, build a map and navigate by this map is the key to autonomy. This project will investigate a new approach to SLAM for reliable robot navigation in natural unstructured environments where easily detectable geometric primitives such as points are not present. These outcomes will lay the foundations for the successful commercial development of mobile robots in land, sea and air.''

Keywords: mobile robots navigation map building unstructured environments autonomous systems terrain mapping

FOR Codes: Mechanical Engineering, Robotics and Mechatronics, Industrial machinery and equipment, Industrial instrumentation, Industrial Instruments