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Controlling Internet Quality of Service with Feedback Loops and Active Services

Project Member(s): Hoang, D.

Start year: 2003

Summary: Today's Internet only provides best effort service without guaranteeing the timeliness or actual delivery of data. The lack of service differentiation and guarantee of Quality of Service (QoS) prevents it truly becoming an infrastructure for conducting business. The project tackles this problem by introducing active control mechanisms and a feedback protocol over the augmented Internet DiffServ architecture. Without sacrificing the scalability property of DiffServ, these mechanisms can control the bandwidth fair share of traffic flows and guarantee their QoS. Successful outcomes allow network and service providers to engineer satisfactory commercial infrastructures and to develop competitive, emerging real-time multimedia applications.''

Keywords: Differentiated Services Active Services QoS Architecture Admission Control Multimedia networking Congestion Control

FOR Codes: Computer Communications Networks, Operating Systems, Computer Software not elsewhere classified, Application packages, Telecommunications, Bioinformatics Software