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Nano-engineering of optical resonances for applications to solar control glazing, radiative cooling and photonics

Start year: 2003

Summary: Conducting nanoparticles and conducting shells on dielectric nanoparticles will be used for tuning spectral and scattering response across UV, solar and thermal radiation wavelengths. A laminated glazing polymer containing dilute nanoparticles can be clear yet block much solar heat. Nanoshells tune via their shell thickness and shell material. We will address their main weakness, electron relaxation in the shells to enable better windows, biosensors, paints, photonic devices, and tuning thermal radiation loss to the sky window. Light interaction with different resonant charge systems will be studied in dilute and dense arrays using advanced electromagnetic models. ''

Keywords: conducting nanoparticles conducting nanoshells optical resonances surface plasmons solar control glazing photonics

FOR Codes: Nanotechnology, Optics and Opto-electronic Physics, Condensed Matter Physics-Electronic and Magnetic Properties; Superconductivity, Residential and commercial, Plastic products (incl. construction materials), Telecommunications