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The Curious Negotiator - committing only to that which is maximally non-committal

Funding: 2005: $96,000
2006: $91,000
2007: $91,000

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (Other funds for ARC projects)
Australian Research Council (ARC Discovery Projects)

Start year: 2005

Summary: This project is in automated negotiation. Its aim is to evaluate the hypothesis that an agent may negotiate from a stance that assumes nothing about her opponent s motivations, and applies maximum entropy logic to that which has been observed. The maximum entropy distribution is the least biased estimate possible on the given information; ie: it is maximally noncommittal with regard to missing information [Edwin Thompson Jaynes, 1957]. The overall goal of this project is to build and trial negotiation and argumentation agents that satisfy this hypothesis.


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Keywords: negotiation and argumentation, electronic institutions, network mining, data mining, artificial intelligence, electronic business,

FOR Codes: Other Artificial Intelligence, Electronic Commerce, Innovation and Technology Management, Technological and organisational innovation, Application tools and system utilities, Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing not elsewhere classified, Business and Management not elsewhere classified, Business systems in context not elsewhere classified, Graphics, augmented reality and games not elsewhere classified, Technology management , Information systems, technologies and services not elsewhere classified