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Enhancing the independence of the severely disabled: Improving the detection rates of an EEG based brain computer interface (BCI)

Funding: 2005: $60,000
2006: $50,000
2007: $50,000

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Discovery Projects)

Start year: 2005

Summary: The traumatic impact of severe disability like tetraplegia in daily living is substantial. Strategies are needed to improve their quality of life. One approach is to employ strategies that increase their ability to be independent by providing hands free control over their environment. However, to achieve this, few switches are available given their limited movement. The aim of this research is to substantially improve the efficacy of an existing brain signal based system (Mind Switch) by determining the most effective method of detecting and utilising changes in the brain waves of the severely disabled users.

Keywords: Electroencephalography, Brain computer interface, Disability, Signal processing, Spinal cord injury, Rehabilitation,

FOR Codes: Rehabilitation Engineering, Rehabilitation and Therapy: Occupational and Physical, Care for Disabled, Medical instrumentation, Ability and disability, Medical Instruments, Rehabilitation and Therapy (excl. Physiotherapy), Rehabilitation engineering , People with disability, Allied health and rehabilitation science