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Investigation into on-road vehicle rollovers using a combined rigid and flexible multibody model

Funding: 2005: $75,000
2006: $73,000
2007: $75,000

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Discovery Projects)

Start year: 2005

Summary: Fatal on-road vehicle rollover accidents have been frequently reported both overseas and in Australia. The detailed causes and mechanisms of these accidents are not well understood. This project aims to develop an integrated vehicle model that not only includes all degrees of freedom of the rigid body motion of vehicle components but also the vibration systems that are formed by the chassis, suspension systems, power steering system, powertrain and tires. The modelling method will be validated experimentally using an existing test rig. It will be used to investigate the causes and mechanisms of on-road rollover and explore the solutions preventing rollover happening both passively and actively.


Du, H, Zhang, N & Li, W 2014, 'Robust tracking control of vehicle lateral dynamics', International Journal of Vehicle Design, vol. 65, no. 4, pp. 314-314.
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Mace, N & Zhang, N 1970, 'Application of Inerters to Vehicle Suspensions', Proceedings of the 11th Asia-Pacific Vibration Conference, Asia Pacific Vibration Conference, Institute of Noise and Vibration, University of Technology, Malaysia, Langkawi, Malaysia, pp. 625-630.

Keywords: Vehicle rollover simulation, Vehicle dynamics, Chassis and powertrain coupling, Rigid multibody dynamics, Flexible multibody dynamics, Mode synthesis,

FOR Codes: Automotive Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Safety and Quality, Transport, Machinery and equipment not elsewhere classified, Automotive Safety Engineering, Mechanical Engineering not elsewhere classified, Manufacturing Safety and Quality, Energy Conservation and Efficiency in Transport, Manufacturing safety and quality , Energy efficiency, Machinery and equipment