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Optimising train driver vigilance system: reactivation of a fatigued driver

Funding: 2005: $125,000
2006: $125,000
2007: $125,000

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Linkage Projects)
Integrated Vigilance Systems Pty Ltd, Sydney a subsidiary of Fischer Industries, Sydney

Start year: 2005

Summary: Fatigue poses frequent problems in train drivers. The repetitive nature of the train-driving task is a precursor of fatigue. This application proposes a novel design concept for the current train driver vigilance system manufactured by our industry partner. The proposed new vigilance system will not only assure that the driver is awake by warning of fatigue states, but will also act as an important cue in the control of the train. Incorporating fatigue detection in the vigilance monitor is of commercial value to our industry partner. Furthermore, this study will help improve the safety culture of the railway environment.


Lal, S, Lal, SJ, Fisher, P, Penzel, T & Agbinya, J 1970, 'Brief overview of technology and applications in railway operator safety', 7th International Conference on Broadband Communications and Biomedical Applications, 2011 6th International Conference on Broadband and Biomedical Communications (IB2Com), IEEE, Melbourne, Australia, pp. 252-258.
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Jap, BT, Lal, S, Fischer, P & Bekiaris, E 2007, 'Using Spectral Analysis to Extract Frequency Components from Electroencephalography: Application for Fatigue Countermeasure in Train Drivers' in Agbingya, JI, Sevimli, O, Reisenfeld, S, Selvadurai, K, Lal, S, Al-Jumaily, A & Li, Y (eds), Advances in Broadband Communication and Networks, IEEE, Denmark, pp. 329-343.
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Keywords: vigilance monitor, mechatronics, signal processing, railway industry, fatigue, video imaging,

FOR Codes: Road and Rail Transportation, Rail equipment, Rail transport, Integrated circuits and devices, Biomechanical Engineering, Expert Systems, Rail Transportation and Freight Services, Rail Freight, Knowledge representation and reasoning