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Probabilistic Modelling of Load and Deterioration Processes in Structural Reliability

Funding: 2003: $31,000

Project Member(s): Novikov, A.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Large Grant)

Start year: 2001

Summary: The project aims to develop analytical methods for describing probabilistic models in structural reliability estimation procedures. For structural systems under loads modelled as stochastic processes, the investigators have previously employed compound Poisson random processes in one-dimension to evaluate the distribution of so-called first passage times and associated level crossing rates. This work will be extended to multiple dimensions, to allow modelling of so-called random fields. Applications include estimation of the failure probability of engineering structures under multiple stochastic loads (e.g. wind and wave loads) and the probabilistic modelling of pitting corrosion, and perforation (such as in steel ship plates).