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Financial Integrity Research Network (FIRN)

Funding: 2005: $525,000
2006: $350,000
2007: $350,000
2008: $350,000
2009: $175,000

Project Member(s): Taylor, S.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian National University (The Australian National University)
University of Melbourne (The University of Melbourne)
University of New South Wales (The University of New South Wales Partnership Fund)
University of Sydney (The University of Sydney)
Australian Research Council (Other funds for ARC projects)
Australian Research Council (ARC Research Networks commencing in 2004)
Monash University
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University)
Queensland University of Technology
University of Queensland (The University of Queensland)
Edith Cowan University
University of Western Australia (The University of Western Australia)
University of Adelaide (The University of Adelaide)
Melbourne Business School
Securities Industry Research Centre of Asia-Pacific - SIRCA (SIRCA)

Start year: 2005

Summary: The integrity of the financial system is constantly under stress because of the development of ever more complex financial instruments, structures and strategies, and the associated research technologies that continues to accelerate worldwide. FIRN's vision is to harness the considerable strengths of Australia's internationally renowned finance, accounting and economics researchers into a research agenda to address issues concerning the integrity of the financial system. It will enable Australian research in this area to match the scale and impact of similar research in other major international financial centres, and play an essential role in placing Australia among the world s leaders in financial markets related research.'',

Keywords: Financial system, Corporate governance, Financial markets, Financial and insurance risk management, Funds management, Financial mathematics and statistics,

FOR Codes: Finance, Econometric and Statistical Methods, Stochastic Analysis and Modelling, Finance and investment services, Information processing services, Energy systems analysis, Information Processing Services (incl. Data Entry and Capture), Information systems, technologies and services not elsewhere classified, Energy systems and analysis