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Nanoparticle and nanohole composites with applications in solar control and illumination

Project Member(s): Smith, G.

Start year: 2002

Summary: The project s aim is to establish a new generation of optical materials with unprecedented ability for engineering of spectral and directional optical properties at low cost, over large areas. Transparent and translucent polymers containing simple and complex nanoparticles and metal films containing nanoholes will be produced. Physical models linking often puzzling optical data with internal structure will be established and applied. The combination of solar energy, UV and daylight entering cars and buildings via windows and skylights can then be optimized. Near ideal luminaires combining high transmittance and low glare will also be enabled by this work. ''

Keywords: Nanoparticles in polymer Effective medium models Translucent luminaires and skylights Surface plasmons Nanoholes in metal Energy efficient glazing

FOR Codes: Optics and Opto-electronic Physics, Nanotechnology, Building Science and Techniques, Residential and commercial, Plastic products (incl. construction materials), Physical sciences, Expanding Knowledge in the Physical Sciences, Classical and Physical Optics, Environmental Nanotechnology