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Beyond training and learning: integrated development practices in organisations

Funding: 2006: $100,000
2007: $70,000
2008: $85,000

Project Member(s): Boud, D., Rhodes, C., Solomon, N., Scheeres, H.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Discovery Projects)

Start year: 2006

Summary: Learning in organisations today differs from training and learning activities of earlier decades. This project will investigate the increasing range of integrated development practices within organisations that include quality improvement, performance management, coaching and mentoring. These are practices that promote learning, are commonplace within organizations, are integrated with work, yet are often independent of accredited training programs. The research will analyse these practices as well as identify others emerging in organisations. Through analyses of the lived experience of these new forms of learning, researchers, managers and practitioners will be able to better link individual development with organisational performance


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Keywords: Learning practices, Integrated development, Organisational learning, Workplace learning, Learning and development,

FOR Codes: Changing work patterns, Education Studies not elsewhere classified, Vocational education and training, Employment Patterns and Change, Specialist Studies in Education not elsewhere classified