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Immunological characterization and encapsulation of a bioengineered insulin secreting liver cell

Project Member(s): Simpson, A., O'Brien, B., Ren, B.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Diabetes Council (Australian Diabetes Council Research Trust)

Start year: 2006

Summary: Somatic gene therapy is one of the strategies that is being considered to permanently correct patient glucose concentrations. We have engineered a glucose-responsive liver cell line, TAO cells, that respond to a glucose stimulus in the physiological range. The aim of this project is to prove that the TAO cells can consistently normalise blood glucose levels in diabetic mouse models without the development of hypoglycaemia (due to the secretion of excessive insulin) or return to hyperglycaemia (due to immune destruction of the transplanted cells).

FOR Codes: Gene Therapy, Endocrine organs and diseases (incl. diabetes), Diabetes, Gene and Molecular Therapy, Gene and molecular therapy , Clinical health