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Green Cement: The Development of Eco-Friendly, Novel Construction Materials

Project Member(s): Thomas, P., Sri Ravindrarajah, R., Dunphy, D., Benn, S.

Start year: 2006

Summary: Portland cement (PC) is the vital ingredient of concrete, the most important, universally accepted building material. Worldwide interest in utilising supplementary cementing materials stems from the need to reduce PC consumption, the manufacturing of which is one of the biggest single contributors of carbon dioxide (CO2) emission. The project aims to develop an environmentally responsible, ecologically sustainable, economic and practical to manufacture cementing material as an alternative to PC. The multidisciplinary expertise of the team will ensure successful development of an eco-friendly, novel construction material with the potential to establish significant collaboration with Australian industry partners.


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FOR Codes: Structural Engineering, Architecture and Urban Environment, Cement and concrete materials, Materials Engineering not elsewhere classified, Recycling, Clay products, Architecture not elsewhere classified, Waste Recycling Services