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Evaluating Pedagogy Using Interactive Electronic Whiteboards: A Case Study Of Six Schools

Project Member(s): Schuck, S., Kearney, M.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Electroboard Pty Limited
NSW Department of Education and Training (NSW Department of Education and Training Partner Funds)

Start year: 2005

Summary: This study investigated pedagogy, attitudes, and school contexts in six schools in which interactive whiteboards are being used. The research questions that guided this study are the following: - What do teachers and students see as the value of using interactive electronic whiteboards in lesson designs and what beliefs do they hold about this technology and its relationship to learning and teaching? - What is the role of the school in promoting innovative use of the technology? What other contextual factors constrain or enhance the use of this technology in teaching and learning? - What learning outcomes are supported by the use of interactive electronic whiteboards in various Key Learning Areas? What learning tasks are associated with these outcomes? - What pedagogical approaches are being used with this technology? - What does reflection about good practice and insights provided by the cases suggest about principles of good practice using interactive electronic whiteboards? The study comprised a case study at multiple sites, four of them primary schools and two high schools, all in NSW. The schools were all DET schools and there were three in the metropolitan Sydney region, one in an urban area out of Sydney and two in a rural area. The study was a qualitative one, investigating perceptions and usage through interviews, focus groups, observations and document analysis.


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FOR Codes: Computer-Human Interaction, Teacher Education: Secondary, Teacher Education: Primary, Education and training not elsewhere classified, The professions and professionalisation, Technological and organisational innovation, Teacher Education and Professional Development of Educators, Professions and Professionalisation