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Advance Surface and Porosity Characterisation Facility

Funding: 2006: $20,000

Project Member(s): Thomas, P.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Linkage Infrastructure)

Start year: 2006

Summary: Material properties and processing play a significant role in many Australian industries. The benefits of research with this infrastructure to the greater community lies in the technological development of superior materials and processes to support the continued development of these industries. In addition to technological advances, this will have economic benefits due to improved business market share and profitability in these industries, as well as educational development through completion of high quality research higher degree students.

FOR Codes: Solid State Chemistry, Chemistry of Catalysis, Colloid and Surface Chemistry, Energy storage, Industrial gases, Precious (noble) metal ores, Catalysis and Mechanisms of Reactions, Mining and Extraction of Precious (Noble) Metal Ores