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Mitigation of Impacts on Groundwater Dependent Vegetation Through Adaptive Abstraction Regimes

Project Member(s): Eamus, D.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Linkage Projects)
Water Corporation (Water Corporation Partner Funds)

Start year: 2007

Summary: Apart from loss of habitat, biodiversity, ecological function and aesthetics, tree decline and death is a financial burden to land managers. Lost groundwater production from existing borefield infrastructure due to environmental risk also represents a significant economic loss to industry. By adapting borefield operation strategies to be more sympathetic to environmental demands for groundwater, sustainable use of the resource can be maximized under otherwise 'high-risk' scenarios. This project will result in environmental benefits such as reduced impacts of borefields and economic benefits such as recovery of lost production from 'high-risk' borefields, increased viability of planned schemes and reduced customer cost of water services.

FOR Codes: Natural Resource Management, Plant Physiology, Water services and utilities, Integrated (ecosystem) assessment and management, Ecosystem Assessment and Management of Forest and Woodlands Environments, Plant physiology , Assessment and management of freshwater ecosystems